Saturday, December 22, 2018

Tops Reads of 2016

As the year winds down, the world starts reminiscing.

This series is dedicated to those who wrote my favorite things in 2016. That’s no typo. Saying my blogs operate at the speed of molasses just might offend molasses. This has been in my idea pool for a few years, so I’m catching up…

6.  I’ll start with a tie. P-Town Tom’s  chipmunk relocation project was unexpectedly amusing. And The Lost Collector tackled ridiculous people spouting opinions of what we shouldn’t do with our cards.

5.  Night Owl lays down a snack trail leading us from a shopping trip to the punchline. I still remember this made me chuckle: “As you can tell, the smoke is back… Marte is pointing the way to the nearest exit. Cover your nose and proceed in an orderly manner.”

By the way, if you’re looking to add some 2016 Topps mini cards full of smoke to your collection, jump over hereAnd good timing since there’s a comc sale starting on Christmas Day.

Nick’s Frankenset Bracket series led me to buy some cards that I didn't know I needed until I saw his posts. Some are so oddball good they're just core to any collection.

3.  Julie’s delightful blog hosted three posts by guest blogger Cheryl (
onetwothree). Everybody’s got a unique story but the best posts (like these short n’ sweet ones) are relatable by highlighting what we have in common.

2.  Corky wrote of his top pickups of 2016. These are always a fun read but this was extra special. It led to a discovery of an oddball C-3PO error card. I collected Star Wars cards as a kid so not knowing this was a like finding out the Cave of Time was always in your basement. How could you not know that? This card inspired me to pick it up and that led to riffing off the green series with green bordered buybacks and reprints. I’m still looking for a green border 30th anniversary buyback if anyone has one. The journey continues…

 Fuji’s blog is at number one for its consistent smorgasbord of entertainment like flea market action, one of my favorite series. I can walk the stands with him and see the cool things he discovers. There’s always a refreshing mix of topics with cards cleverly woven into each theme. Plus I like that he keeps it real with posts like this one.

For the rest of my favorites of 2016 jump over to my other blog


  1. Truly flattered. Sorry I haven't hit up the flea market as much in recent years. The deals are getting scarcer and scarcer, but I'm hoping things will turn around in 2019. Have a happy holidays and a safe new year!